Building A Successful Food Blog Through SEO With Samantha Milner

Building A Successful Food Blog Through SEO With Samantha Milner

Last Updated on December 23, 2020

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About Samantha Milner

My name is Samantha and I live in Portugal with my husband Dominic. I am a British Expat and grew up in a small seaside town in the north of England. I started working from home when my son was a toddler (he is now 19) and like many my career started with selling things on eBay.

About Recipe This

I run a food blog with my husband Dominic. It is called and it focuses around teaching people to cook with kitchen gadgets. We started it on the 15th November 2015 and built it into a thriving business that is loved by many. We started it as we felt that there was no food blog that just focused on various kitchen gadgets. We are also big fans of kitchen gadgets ourselves and it makes the dream day job.


How Did You Get Your First Several Customers Or Users? How Many Users Or Customers Do You Have Now?

We focused on content is king and posting quality content on our site. It had 4000 visitors in its first month and now generates an average of 8 million visitors a year. With low season being june and july with an average of 400,000 to 1million+ visitors in high season.

How Does Your Company Grow And Acquire New Customers?

We focus on excellent SEO (search engine optimisation) and get 60% of our traffic and customers from Google Search. They then go on to buy our products, join our weekly newsletter, join our facebook group and follow us on social media.

What Actionable Tips And Tricks Do You Have For New Founders Who Are Looking To Get Their First Thousand Users Or Dollars?

To focus on content is king. Write 1000 word quality posts that are written with SEO keywords in mind. Do this every day and you can expect to achieve 100,000 a month in visitors and it will grow over time.

What Is Something You’ve Learned That Would Not Be Obvious To Somebody Who Hasn’t Worked In Your Space Before?

That there is a lot of hours to be worked if you want a successful blog. Especially with the competition these days. Note that there are 500 million blogs out there today and you want to stand out from the crowd.

What’s The Craziest Thing That’s Happened To You (Good Or Bad) On Your Founder Journey?

My eye sight has declined and as a food blogger i am also partially sighted. This hasn’t stopped me on my way to success. It has just made me more determined.

What Are Your Favorite Books?

I love a good Sophie Kinsella novel. They are fantastic for a wind down after a long day working. Or for relaxing with after a nice relaxing bath.

Anything You’d Like To Plug?

You can find me over at where you can find fantastic kitchen gadget recipes made by kitchen gadget experts.

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