35 Best Star Wars Books For Every Fan Of the Galaxy Far Far Away

Last Updated on April 28, 2020

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Who isn’t a huge Star Wars fan these days? No matter what your opinions about the prequels, original trilogy, and the newest trilogy, we can all agree that the Star Wars Universe is among the most impactful fictional universes in modern times. In spite of the blockbuster Star Wars films, the books on Star Wars never lose its charm. The authors penned the stories with different shades of their imaginations and emotions and expanded the galaxy. Here are the reviews of 35 Best Star Wars Books that never fail to enthrall the readers. 


1. Bloodline (by Claudia Gray)

Tyranny is what glooms throughout the novel Bloodline, written by Claudia Gray. The storyline is like a whirlpool in which elements of both lighthearted fun and dreadful darkness blends. The character of Lela portrays the significance of woman power.  

Review: The author penned beautifully the transformation of a jovial princess to a woman named Lela. Harsh reality made Lela strong enough to lead a senatorial mission. Bravery and compassion adorn the character of Lela. The story deals with a lot of realms from the destruction of one’s planet to the tense galactic political climate. 

The portrayal of new characters and a rainbow of emotions makes this novel a part of the best star wars books and a must-read.

  • Author: Claudia Gray 
  • Pages: 352  
  • Publisher: Del Ray Books

2. Ashoka (by E. K. Johnston)

The book Ashoka unchains the mystery of the whereabouts of Ashoka, who was lost when the Clone Wars was nearing an end. This novel is all about reinventing this rebel named Ashoka.

Review: Initially a bit doubtful about her power, Ashoka finally realizes her strengths. Her immense willpower to fight the evil and to save the empire is what the novel depicts. 

The book also throws light on some unanswered questions like what made Ashoka a Fulcrum and how she managed to save flee from Order 66.

The book aims at the youngsters. Hence the simple language might not lure the matured readers. 

  • Author: E. K. Johnston  
  • Pages: 400 
  • Publisher: Disney Press

3. Thrawn (by Timothy Zahn)

Thrawn is the most dominant character in this book. The story revolves around this most intelligent and cruel but popular character. The story is quite literally a race between Thrawn and Arihnda Pryce, where both of them want to rise to power.

Review: The author brilliantly portrays the character of Thrawn as military personnel who do not have an evil trait in him; instead, his path of the action revolves around minimizing the collateral damage and lesser harm to life. 

Star war lovers will love to color their favorite character with the shades of nostalgia through this book!

  • Author: Timothy Zahn  
  • Pages: 448  
  • Publisher: Del Rey

4. Kenobi (by John Jackson Miller)

The novel takes inspiration and can be portrayed as a spinoff from the events that happened during Star Wars episode 3 and episode 5. 

The story revolves around Obi-Wan Kenobi, helping the people of Tatooine while he was on his exile. The story also branches to his mission of protecting Luke Skywalker.

Review: The author has penned the richness of Tatooine along with its small towns and cities. Each of the characters is defined brilliantly with the positive and negative aspects of their characteristic trait.

Kenobi is an old story served fresh through the author’s pen! It sure can be included in the list of the 35 best Star Wars Books.

  • Author: John Jackson Miller
  • Pages: 464  
  • Publisher: Del Rey

5. A New Hope (by Alan Dean Foster)

The story has strong roots embedded within the plot of the movie but is unique in its way. 

The story revolves around Luke Skywalker, an ordinary man who works at his uncle’s farm. After Luke deciphers a cryptic message, he entangles himself within the galaxy’s biggest war ever.

Review: The book portrays a fantastic use of language and an excellent range of vocabulary. This, along with Allen Dean Foster’s ability of fantastic, descriptive storytelling, enables the book to leave a long-lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

Some hardcore Star War movie fans might not like the subtle differences that the book keeps from the original plot.

  • Author: Alan Dean Foster
  • Pages: 171  
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books

6. The last command (by Timothy Zahn)

The book is the final sequel to the Thrawn trilogy. The story revolves around the aftermath of the attack that Thrawn led using clone soldier technology on the Republics. Meanwhile, Leia struggles to maintain the integrity of alliance for the upcoming birth of Jedi twins. 

Review: The story can be held as a fun conclusion of Thrawn’s trilogy. It also provides a much-needed expansion and enlargement of the Star Wars Galaxy while staying close to the original characters and background.

  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • Pages: 480  
  • Publisher: Del Rey

7. Path of Destruction (by Drew Karpyshyn)

A powerful plot based on Dessel, a boy, tormented by his abusing father in his childhood and how his tormented childhood prepared him to join the Sith Army, where he rises through its ranks using his capabilities and takes on his identity as Bane.

The story tells about the soul-wrenching work of the minds on the planet Apatros. 

Reviews: It is a gripping story, and the author uses complex languages. The plot uses the character, Bane, to portray how evil can fit in society.

  • Author: Drew Karpyshyn
  • Pages: 389  
  • Publisher: Del Rey

8. Iron Fist (by Aaron Allston)

Iron Fist is about the X-wing fighters who are the rebels’ best task force. They are sent to complete the most dangerous missions, and in this story, they are sent to stop Zsinj and his superstar destroyer named Iron Fist

The plot progresses on how X-wing works to gain ZSinj’s trust and become a part of his team to stop him. 

Reviews: This book is one of the best and most renowned series within the expanded Star Wars Universe. It is a well-written piece having excellent character development and storyline, which the author handles skillfully.

  • Author: Aaron Allston
  • Pages: 336  
  • Publisher: Bantam Spectra

9. Dark Disciple (by Christie Golden)

The main characters of emotion-packed Dark Disciple are Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos. This novel sees the Sith Lord Dooku growing more ruthless and savage with his military strategies. Dooku orders the destruction of a fleet of warships carrying refugees. 

The Jedi Council thinks it to be the high time to destroy Dooku and Ganges Asajj Ventress with the task. Ventress is quite a determined character to taste the joy of winning over Dooku. 

Review: The author offers the readers a mixed bag of emotions through this fast-paced novel. The character of Ventress has been excellently portrayed with the perfect selection of words.

  • Author: Christie Golden
  • Pages: 400  
  • Publisher: Del Rey

10. Rogue Squadron (by Michael A Stackpole)

Star Wars X-Wing series began with the novel Rogue Squadron. The book introduces us to the characters of Corran Horn, Mirax Terrik, Erisi Dlarit, and also the spy Tycho Celchu. The story is about the training of the Squadron with the hues of romance and emotions. 

We behold the happenings and incidents in this novel through the eyes of Corran Horn. He was a member of the Corellian Security.

Review: The author boldly depicted the traits of each character of the novel. There are several Star Wars series that followed this novel, but in spite of being the first book of the series, the author is quite successful in making this novel an unforgettable one with his mighty pen. Sorrows and pain, laughter and fun, twists, and turns- the book is a beautiful blend of emotions. It surely tops the list of 35 Best Star Wars Books.

  • Author: Michael A Stackpole
  • Pages: 388  
  • Publisher: Del Rey

11. Choices of One (by Timothy Zahn)

This is a sequel to the book Allegiance. The story revolves around the introduction of a new villain named Nuso Esva. On the other hand, Luke, Leia, and Han are on a mission to make sure the deal of Governor Ferrouz joining the rebel alliance gets signed. 

They have to do this before the governor’s trusty Mara Jade, and the Hand Of Judgment get in contact with the governor and changes his mind.

Review: The story is quite exciting and gripping. The author has done excellent work in portraying Luke in his pre-Jedi stage, with all the personality traits to signify him as ‘a new hope’. The character build-up of Leia and Han, along with the chemistry between them, is also penned excellently.  

  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • Pages: 480
  • Publisher: Arrow

12. Star Wars: Vader Down by (Jason Aaron)

This edition is a crossover between the two most gigantic comics ever; Star Wars and Marvel. The story revolves around the time when Darth Vader crashes into a planet while facing off a rebel fleet. Whether the troop can stop him or not is what the story is all about. 

Review: The story includes all the favorite characters from the Star Wars saga; Luke, Leia, Han, and many more. The epic fight sequences make the book adventurous and exciting to read. 

  • Author: Jason Aaron
  • Pages: 152
  • Publisher: Marvel

13. Master and Apprentice (by Claudia Gray)

The story revolves around the relationship between master and apprentice that resides between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both of them are in a dilemma of the fact of failing each other; while Jinn scares himself from the truth of not correctly training Kenobi, Kenobi fears that he is not able to understand his master.

The plot evolves as they embark on what could be their final mission together. 

Review: The story paints a different picture of both Jinn and Kenobi’s relationship, but it perfectly blends itself within the new universe. The book sheds light on the development of Kenobi into an adult. Along with the language used, it makes for an excellent read and can be undoubtedly listed in the best 35 Star Wars Books. 

  • Author: Claudia Gray
  • Pages: 480
  • Publisher: Del Rey

14. Dynasty of Evil (by Drew Karpyshyn)

The story takes over from the point when Bane destroyed the ancient order and created a new one when only two people reside, the master and his apprentice. In the end, the apprentice will have to fight a duel to prove their worthiness.

In hopes of becoming immortal and never losing the duel, Bane goes out to find the secrets of immortality while he sends his apprentice on a different mission.

Review: The story involves complex characterization and events that build up into an exciting read. The book can be considered as the best written and enjoyable book within the Darth Bane series. The book itself holds its own ground, but on reading the other two prior books beforehand, it’ll be the icing on the cake. 

  • Author: Drew Karpyshyn
  • Pages: 296
  • Publisher: Del Rey

15. Rule of Two (by Drew Karpyshyn)

This book is the second installation of the Darth Bane series. The story revolves around Darth Bane and his journey from being innocent to being an evil man. He wishes to destroy the existing order and create a new one where only two people exist, the master and his apprentice. 

The story builds up upon the journey of Bane in search of secrets and his apprentice Zannah.

Review: The book successfully highlights an underexposed area within the story, which is the Sith. It also holds itself as a worthy sequel to the first book in this series. The story also does justice to one of the most prominent female characters within Star Wars, Zannah. Her childhood and journey into adulthood, along with her diverse character traits, are portrayed beautifully. This definitely includes the book in the list of 35 Best Star Wars Books.

  • Author: Drew Karpyshyn
  • Pages: 318
  • Publisher: Del Rey

16. Thrawn Treason (by Timothy Zahn)

This book is the third installment to the Thrawn franchise. The story revolves around Grand Admiral Thrawn and his quest to prove his loyalty towards his empire when the death Star project of Krennic overtakes his Tie Defender program. At this moment, he realizes that the power to destroy planets is much more than controlling a large army. 

Review: The story is considered to have one of the most carefully crafted incarnations of Thrawn’s character. Besides that, the story is compelling enough so that it can be read as a standalone book. 

  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • Pages: 448
  • Publisher: Del Rey Books

17. Star Wars: Jedi Academy (by Jeffrey Brown)

This book follows the journey of a boy named Roan who, in mysterious circumstances, is enrolled with a Jedi Academy. Over there, he and his fellow mates are tutored by Master Yoda. Roan learns a lot about the Force and growing up.

Review: It is a light-hearted and funny middle school adventure-oriented story. The author cleverly includes Star Wars concepts and mixes it with middle school drama to provide an excellent and entertaining read.

  • Author: Jeffrey Brown
  • Pages: 160
  • Publisher: Scholastic

18. Wrath Squadron (by Aaron Allston)

This book is the fifth sequel in the Star Wars: X-Wing franchise. The story revolves around an under-covered mission of X-Wing, where they disguise themselves as members of the crew of an Imperial warship.

Review: The story presents an excellent characterization of each individual within the X-Wing franchise and is filled with epic conflicts and fights. This enables the book to have a high level of connection with its readers.

  • Author: Aaron Allston
  • Pages: 403
  • Publisher: Bantam Spectra

19. Lost Stars (by Claudia Gray)

The story is draped with the defeat of the Old Republic and the rule of the Galactic Empire. All resistance of the defeated Old Republic went in vain. The citizens still hold on to their dreams of a bright future.

Review: The author, with his excellent sense of characterization and descriptive words, is successful in connecting his readers to the gloomy world of defeat where sadness looms. But again, every cloud has a silver lining. This book is a must-read among the best 35 Star Wars Books because of the wonderfully crafted words that trigger the reader’s emotions.

  • Author: Claudia Gray
  • Pages: 551
  • Publisher: Disney Lucasfilm Press

20. The Bacta War (by Michael A Stackpole)

This book is the fourth installment to the Star Wars: X-Wing series. The story revolves around the mission where the X-Wings must fight Ysanne Isard to free Thyferra from her rule. One of the most significant battles of X-Wing takes place in this book, either they will win it or else the destruction of the New Republic is inevitable. 

Review: The Story has a somewhat one-dimensional plot and uses simple language for storytelling. This doesn’t erode the story’s standards, though. This installment keeps up the reputation of X-Wing being the best, extended universe franchise with ease. 

  • Author: Michael A Stackpole
  • Pages: 349
  • Publisher: Bantam Books

21. Hard Contact (by Karen Traviss)

This is the first book of the franchise named Star Wars: Republic Commando. The story revolves around the Republic commando’s mission to take control of a research facility of chemical weapons. It’s a deadly mission where they will have to work deep inside enemy territories, without the support and taking the help of strangers. 

Review: The story is a well-written masterpiece. The writer uses elements from the Star Wars universe to tell a marvelous and exciting story. It holds a firm ground as a standalone and also holds a place in the list of 35 Best Star Wars Books.

  • Author: Karen Traviss
  • Pages: 304
  • Publisher: Del Rey

22. Return of the Jedi (by James Kahn)

The story is about the time when Luke Skywalker, along with Leia and Calrissian, had to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. Luke is backed up by the Rebel commanders, while Darth Vader sums up a plan to eradicate the Rebel Alliance. 

Review: The story involves epic fight scenes between the Alliance and Darth Vader. Along with excellent storytelling, it makes for a good read.

  • Author: James Kahn
  • Pages: 184
  • Publisher: Del Rey 

23. 501st (by Karen Traviss)

This book is the fifth sequel to the Star Wars: Republic Commando franchise. The story is set in the Star Wars extended universe. The backdrop is that the Republic is out of order, and the Republic Commando has to flee to survive. A lot of people have to give the test of loyalty to safeguard their beliefs. It is to unite and stop a much more significant threat.

Review: This book is ideal for reading its prequels first. The plot deals with a large theme with huge consequences. The writing is excellent, and the overall emotional note of the story is strong. Well established characters also raised the technicality of the story. The book is a perfect fit in the list of 35 Best Star Wars Books 

  • Author: Karen Traviss
  • Pages: 464
  • Publisher: Del Rey

24. True Colors (by Karen Traviss)

The book is the third installment in the Republic Commando franchise. The story revolves around the emerging of a new enemy. While the Clone Wars still carry on, the Omega Squad uncovers secrets that make them question their loyalty. 

The Jedi and Generals find a new enemy while the differences between friends and enemies narrow down. 

Review: The story includes vivid characterization and an engaging plot. The writer has excellently put us into the minds of the characters themselves. The story highlights the relationship of each character and builds up upon their character arch.  

  • Author: True Colors
  • Pages: 496
  • Publisher: Del Rey

25. Traitor (by Matthew Woodring Stover)

This book is the thirteenth edition within the Star Wars, the new Jedi order franchise. Traumatized by the imprisonment of Coruscant, the galaxy now is in fear of the evil Yuuzhan Vong. The galaxy’s only hope is Jacen Solo being still alive. 

The energy of Jedi takes a wrong turn because of Vong and darkness prevails. The story unleashes a new mystery.

Review: The story intelligently takes over and conveys the Force. It shows the growing up and aging of the character Jacen and his mastery over the Force.

  • Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
  • Pages: 292
  • Publisher: Del Rey

26. Triple Zero (by Karen Traviss)

This book is the second installment in the Star Wars: Republic Commando franchise. The story continues after the point where the clone wars have begun. Only the Omega Squad can stop the war from progressing. 

It’s about the Omega squad’s espionage, ambush and assassination mission. Things take a different toll when the Omega squads find out that there is someone else penetrating within Coruscant, the most active war spot. 

Review: The republic commando series is one of the most highly appreciated extended universe series, and Triple Zero keeps up that standard through the use of engaging storytelling, prosperous characterization, and a well-thought plot.

  • Author: Karen Traviss
  • Pages: 448
  • Publisher: Del Rey

27. Sacrifice (by Karen Traviss)

This book is the fifth edition of the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force Franchise. A civil war was raging between the galactic alliance and the Jedi forces. In between this, Liah and Han were fleeing because they were suspected to be involved in the assassination plot of Telen Ka. Along with this, Jacen has to kill someone valuable to him to gain the power of the Sith. 

Review: The story is a must-read because using vivid characterization and an emotional stronghold; it describes the journey of Jacen towards darkness. It is also advised to go through the four prequels as it will help in a better understanding of the fifth sequel.  

  • Author: Karen Traviss
  • Pages: 367
  • Publisher: Del Rey 

28. Invincible (by Troy Denning)

The book is the ninth installment in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force Franchise. The story is a continuation and portrays the end of the war between the new Jedi order and the galactic alliance. While Luke Skywalker has to choose between duty and vengeance has to mobilize the scattered Jedi forces and carry out a specific mission. 

Review: The story is quite impactful because it uses strong emotional influences and excellent narrative capability. Apart from this, great characterization and language make this book a must-read. It is one of the unique books in the list of 35 Best Star Wars Books.

  • Author: Troy Denning
  • Pages: 384
  • Publisher: Del Rey 

29. Allies (by Christie Golden)

This book is the fifth installment within the Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi Franchise. The story revolves around the time when Luke Skywalker and his son formed an unlikely alliance with the Sith to take down an ancient alien evil force, far more dangerous than they can imagine. Unknown to Luke, back home, there might be an agreement that might turn all the Jedi into wanted criminals. 

Review: The story brings a refreshed plot to the fate of the Jedi franchise by introducing new enemies and never before seen alliances. The plot makes way for an exciting experience of story reading by the use of high levels of narrative quality and characterization.

  • Author: Christie Golden
  • Pages: 384
  • Publisher: Del Rey

30. Hero’s Trial (by James Luceno)

The novel depicts how the New Republic is devastated by the ruthless attack of the aliens. Chewbacca dies a heroic death. Heartbroken Han Solo loses his family, and friends are left alone. But he gets a chance soon to expose his enemy, but fate makes him face a more dangerous evil. Grief, anger, action prevails in the novel. 

Review: To some, the story might be a bit unappealing because they might not find the plot of this story a worthy cause to kill Chewbacca in the prequel. Other than that, the story includes excellent characterization and storytelling while continuing with the exciting and enjoyable Yuuzhan Vong war plot. 

  • Author: James Luceno
  • Pages: 352
  • Publisher: Del Rey

31. Specter of the Past (by Timothy Zahn)

The book is the first title within Star Wars: The hand of Thrawn duology. The story is about the time where the empire is about to collapse. The news about grand admiral Thrawn being resurrected spreads. Along with this, the empire is plotting a plan where the new Republic could be toppling down due to civil war. 

Review: The story keeps the readers enthralled right from the beginning to the very end. Even while the story is ending, the readers are kept under suspense using a cliffhanger ending. This book deserves to be on the list of 35 Best Star Wars Books.

  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • Pages: 416
  • Publisher: Bantam Spectra

32. Backlash (by Aaron Allston)

This book is the fourth installment of Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi Franchise. The story is about Luke and his son Ben while they were chasing a Sith apprentice after escaping the mind walkers and a Sith Squad. On the other hand, Han and Leia are on their mission to safeguard the Jedi from the galactic alliance chief Natasi Daala. 

Review: The story is more on the slow-moving side though it is one of the best additions to the fate of the Jedi franchise; it does little work to move the story forward. The elements which the story adds are of great significance. Excellent storytelling and characterization are sculpted in words by the author. 

  • Author: Aaron Allston
  • Pages: 367
  • Publisher: Del Rey

33. Revelation (by Karen Traviss)

The book is the eighth installment to the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force Franchise. The story narrates the time when war was waging within the galaxy between the Jedi and Jacen Solo, the Sith Lord. While Jaina Solo goes on to learn new skills from unknown people. On the other hand, Ben Skywalker goes on his own life or death adventure to find the truth about his mother’s killers. 

Review: This book puts forward a great storyline and evolves the well-known figures within the franchise using excellent skills portrayed by the author making its place in 35 Best Star Wars Books list.

  • Author: Karen Traviss
  • Pages: 436
  • Publisher: Del Rey 

34. Apocalypse (by Troy Denning)

This book is the ninth installment, The Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi Franchise. The story revolves around the battle between Jedi and the Sith that takes place on Coruscant. The Sith will have their chance to conquer the galaxy while Luke will get his chance to eradicate the Sith once and for all. 

Review: The story is filled with its twist and turns, but somewhere or the other, it lacks the power and the spark to provide a grand ending to the year-old series. Besides this, the story is excellent in its characterization and plot. 

  • Author: Troy Denning
  • Pages: 560
  • Publisher: Del Rey Books

35. Omen (by Christine Golden)

 The book is the second installment to the Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi Franchise. The story revolves around Jacen’s transformation into the Sith Lord and Luke Skywalker’s adventures to find out the truth behind Jacen’s transformation while being on a self-imposed exile. 

The Jedi Order is in trouble in his absence and Natasi’s plans to increase anti Jedi feelings. 

Review: This is one of the most important books within the fate of the Jedi franchise. To some, it might seem that the story is not pitching high scales of excitement, but that is due to the fact it is evolving the storyline piece by piece. 

  • Author: Christine Golden 
  • Pages: 288
  • Publisher: Del Rey

This review of the 35 Best Star Wars Books hopes to help the Star Wars fans and followers to identify the must-reads!

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