6 Best Books About Magic Tricks

6 Best Books About Magic Tricks

Last Updated on November 16, 2020

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From card tricks to illusions, magic has always amazed and mystified the eyes and mind of the beholder. Almost all of us have grown up watching magicians performing tricks on stage or on the screen. You might have wondered how it feels like to be a magician, or how it feels like to actually perform magic tricks. Guess what! Now you can!

The real trick behind becoming a skilled magician is great magic books. But not just any magic book! There are some best magic books that delve into profound depths of magic so that you can get the most out of it. If you are an aspiring magician, you will definitely find the following books a source of your magical inspiration. After all, it works like magic!


Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic by Mark Wilso

One of the magic foundation books, Complete Course in Magic by Mark Wilson is recommended if you are just starting out as a magician. With easy instructions and over 2,000 illustrations, this makes a good magic book for kids. In this book, you get to learn classic magic from the renowned magician Mark Wilson himself. Mark Wilson is a famous prestidigitator and he imparts the art of prestidigitation to the younger minds through this magic book. 

The book is more than just a magic book that teaches you how to simply practice magic tricks. Aside from the 300 tricks that include simple card tricks to advanced magic such as levitation, the author also provides advice on how to plan and stage an excellent magic show. 

This book covers almost everything a magician can ever ask for. From close-up magic to stage illusions, Complete Course in Magic is even commended by the LA Times and will serve as your golden ticket to becoming an expert magician.

  • Review: This book is a perfect magic handbook with detailed information and illustrations for easy understanding. If you are a practicing magician looking for a book that covers a wide range of magic tricks to learn and practice, you will be happy with this buy. However, you should note that some of the magic tricks in the book are common and blatantly obvious. The book is also black-and-white and has small prints.
  • Author: Mark Wilson. One of the greatest magicians of all time, Mark Wilson is widely known as the first magician to publicize magic through television. He is also acclaimed by the New York Times as the leading figure in the magic business in the US. He is a three-time winner of The Academy of Magical Arts under various categories. Aside from his countless appearances on TV and on stage, Mark Wilson has also written several books and kits on magic and tricks. 
  • Pages: 512 Paperback
  • Publisher: Running Press; May 19, 2003, (Revised Edition).

The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braué

No one ever said you need to possess special skills to perform the art of card tricks. All you need is practice and, of course, a trick book. The Royal Road to Card Trick presents you with simple how-to instructions for a wide variety of card tricks. Master the art of all the basic card tricks such as the lift, the pass, and the shuffle among many. 

Chapter one alone can help you master about three fascinating sleights of hand. So imagine just how many tricks you can master with the twenty chapters that are divided into three parts. The book is illustrated with clear line cuts to help you understand the instructions without having to wreck your mind over it. This book should be able to help you specialize card tricks that include A Tipsy Trick, Do as I Do, Thought Stealer, and lots more!

  • Review: The best way to get the most out of this book is to follow the progression of the tricks. This way, you can apply the learned techniques to the new tricks to master more advanced card tricks. If you someone who likes to improvise magic tricks, this detailed book on card tricks will surely be a source of inspiration. One of the downsides of the book is poor digitization. You might find some occasional misspellings within the instructions.
  • Author: Jean Hugard and Frederick Braué. The winner of the Silver Wand which is the highest award of the Magic Circle among several other awards, Jean Hugard is one of the greatest magicians of all time. He is one of the Dean of Magicians and is also a member of the Houdin-Hoffman-Hugard trio. Frederick Braué is a semi-magician with a tremendous contribution to card magic. The Homing Card technique, Braue Addition, Braue Reversal, and Rear Palm are all Braué’s inventions. While Jean Hugard hails from Australia, Frederick Braué is from America. Both are magicians known for their mastery over the card magic and sleight of hand. They have collaborated on many magic books via correspondence.
  • Pages: 320 Paperback 
  • Publisher: Dover Publications; May 27, 1999 (1st Edition)

Magic: The Complete Course by Joshua Jay

Commended by famous magicians and magazines, Magic: The Complete Course is a magic book that will take you to new heights of inspiration and fascination. Written by World Magic Seminar champion Joshua Jay himself, this book contains everything you ever need to know to pursue the path of becoming a magician. 

Magic: The Complete Course is filled with simple instructions and interesting illustrations to perform a variety of outstanding magic tricks to wow your audience. The author has passed on his knowledge and passion into this book with 100 magic tricks you can master. Each trick is divided into the effect, the revelation, the setting, and the presentation. So, you know you are in for a thorough lesson on magic where there isn’t a reason for anything to go wrong.

  • Review: The information the book contains is perfect for amateurs who wish to progress to the professional level. The tricks in the book are excellent and easy to follow, thanks to the step-by-step instructions. Aside from the already amazing book, the DVD that comes along with it is also a great eye-opener. It features 35 magic tricks presented and demonstrated in a detailed structure. Some professionals may find the book somewhat basic as it is primarily for younger people who are beginning to learn magic. 
  • Author: Joshua Jay. The 1998 World Magic Seminar champion, Joshua Jay is one of the world’s greatest magicians. He has made appearances on the stages of over 100 countries. He has made numerous guest appearances on TV shows and owns a magic show, Six Impossible Things on which he starred. He has also written several books on magic and is also a writer for the monthly magicians’ magazine MAGIC. 
  • Pages: 288 Paperback 
  • Publisher: Workman Publishing Company; November 8, 2008 (Pap/DVD Edition)

Grandpa Magic by Allan Zola Kronzek

Written by NY Times bestselling author,  Grandpa Magic takes aspiring and passionate magicians to a new level of popularity, especially among young audiences. The book offers 116 tricks, brainteasers, and stunts that are detailly explained for convenience. You can astound and amaze the kids or just about anyone with the amazing tricks that the book has to offer. 

Allan Zola Kronzek, a professional magician, wrote Grandpa Magic. It covers a wide range of magic tricks. From old grandpa tricks including pulling a quarter behind the ear to fascinating card tricks you can master, the book is an awesome suggestion to have great fun. You can easily learn from the step-by-step illustrations and become the specialist of stunts and puzzles.

  • Review: One of the greatest things about Grandpa Magic is how it can awaken the child’s spirit in you. It is a perfect book to entertain the grandkids and even older people. No matter what kind of magician or trickster you are, you will find something you like in this diverse magic book. There are several stunts, tricks, and brain teasers, all in one book, and the author has provided solid tips and advice throughout. If you are an advanced magician or someone who is looking for serious and more progressive magic tricks, Grandpa Magic is out of your league. Some of the tricks in this book might seem silly and childish. After all, it is a magic book for younger audiences.
  • Author: Allan Zola Kronzek. Allan Zola Kronzek is a magician as well as an educator and has penned down several books including The Secrets of Alkazar, Grandpa Magic, The Book of Powers, which is yet to be released, and more. Along with his daughter, he has also co-written the NY Times bestselling book, The Sorcerer’s Companion – A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter.
  • Pages: 208 Paperback 
  • Publisher: Workman Publishing Company, October 30, 2018

Self-Working Card Tricks by Karl Fulves

You don’t need to specialize in the art of legerdemain or possess special skills to master a self-working card trick. As the name implies, a self-working card trick works in itself as long as your math is right. What you need is a dedicated practice and a careful amount of passion to master this art. But what is more important is that a great book and Self-Working Card Tricks are the perfect bet.  

In this book, you will find some of the tricks simple, easy, and common. This doesn’t mean they are not effective. Some are adapted from expert methods and lean on a more advanced side. You can perform almost all the tricks in this book with a deck of cards. You will also find some stage tricks you can master. 

Both amateurs and professionals can benefit from this magic book. If you are a beginner, you can use this book to guide you through the process of becoming a professional magician. If you are a practiced magician, you will find some amazing tricks in the book to include in your next acts.

  • Review: There are a lot of tricks in this book that is impressive and awesome. The step-by-step instructions are there to ease the process of understanding. If you are new to learning magic tricks, you might find some of the descriptions in this book that seems too terse for your understanding. Although the illustrations can be a little better, overall, it is a great magic book.
  • Author: Karl Fulves. Karl Fulves is one of the renowned magicians particularly known for card tricks and self-working tricks. He is also a publisher and has published countless books with his best work being the ‘Self-Working’ book series. He also contributes to magazines like The Pallbearers Review and Epilogue.
  • Pages: 128 Paperback 
  • Publisher: Dover Publications; June 1, 1976

Modern Coin Magic by J. B. Bobo

If you have ever wondered how a sleight-of-hand coin trick is conjured or wished to become a coin magician, then this book is a must. There are 236 coin tricks and 116 coin sleights in this book you can master. This book contains not only tricks from the reputed author himself but also includes tricks from some of the world’s best coin conjurers including T. Nelson Downs.

From palms to sleeving, you will learn all about the various sleight-of-hand tricks. There are 18 routine acts in the book that you can perform once you learn the basic techniques, conceals, and vanishes.  

  • Review: This book covers almost everything you need to know about coin manipulation. From basic conceals to advanced vanishing tricks, it serves the purpose well for both amateurs and experts. The picture quality of the book isn’t the best. Though you may find that some tricks are slightly dated, it is still a great book to learn tricks all in all. 
  • Author: J. B. Bobo. J. B. Bobo was not only a renowned magician but he was also a comedian, craftsman, artist, photographer, cartoonist, as well as a cinematographer. He was an expert in the field of coin magic and has written several magic books. Some of his works include the critically acclaimed Modern Coin Magic and The Bobo Magic Show.
  • Pages: 384 Paperback
  • Publisher: Dover Publications; February 1, 1982 (reprint Edition)

A good magic book can go a long way in molding your passion for magic. Whether you are a casual performer or someone pursuing a career in magic, you should definitely check out the best magic books recommended above. 

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