8 Best Self Help Audio Books

8 Best Self Help Audio Books

Last Updated on November 16, 2020

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Those facing an existential crisis are not the only ones who read self-help books. In reality, even billionaires and successful people have professed their love for reading self-help or self-improvement books. Among them are Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey, who have some coveted book clubs in the world. 

The first self-help books were about helping the readers find the right solutions to their problems. However, in recent years, self-help books include a more extensive range of publications, including those on self-improvement.

Unlike the days of old when most of these books were in physical form, self-help books have transitioned to the digital platform. Now you can access these books in audio as well as video format. This is more convenient as you can take the books anywhere. 

Let us look at the best self-help audio books in today’s post. 


Best Self: Be You, Only Better by Mike Bayer

Mike Bayer takes his readers into the deeper sides of human psychology in his book. For instance, he asks some serious questions that are not common. He also uses his skills and experience as a personal development coach to help his readers to improve the quality of life. Therefore, the understanding of self and the anti-self is essential. 

Moreover, the book includes intensive exercises, questionnaires, and quizzes. These are fantastic tools to identify your desire for a changed life. 

  • Review: Bayer uses his expertise in personal development and his desire to help people to make this book very practical. He also reflects on his struggles, including drug addiction. He also talks about how he was able to transform his life. To achieve a holistic transformation, Bayer provides practical strategies in his book. Best Self: Be You, Only Better, is an excellent book for those looking for the right tools to take a step towards a better and improved life. On the other hand, some topics in the book can seem very generic. Nevertheless, it does not take away the book’s core strategy, i.e., to help you become better than you are now. 
  • Author: Mike Bayer.  Popularly known as Coach Mike, Bayer is a fitness enthusiast, a life-skill coach, and a best-selling author. He is also the founder of CAST Centers, a platform for those seeking a healthy living.  He was born in Las Vegas, California, on September 19, 1979. Bayer has a net worth of $2 million. He is also a regular face of the popular talk show Dr. Phil on whom he is also on the advisory board. 
  • Pages: 352, Hardcover, and Paperback. 
  • Publisher: Harper Collins (Audio CD), Dey Street Books (Hardcover and paperback) January 8, 2019.

Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen

This is a fantastic self-help book for those who have a history of battling with toxic thoughts. Jennie Allen struggled with dark and negative feelings in the past. Therefore, she draws from her experience to make this book about getting out of dark thoughts. She advises using the Word of God to redirect negative thoughts.

Allen also backs her arguments with truths from the Bible and research results. Although it has recently just hit the market, it is no wonder that this self-help book is already an award winner. 

  • Review: This transformational book explores the vicious cycle of being stuck with anxiety and fearful thoughts. Jennie Allen also talks candidly about her battle with toxic thoughts that becomes debilitating if you do not control your thoughts. In addition to exploring the struggles, Allen offers practical ways to deal with negative emotions. This is one of the book’s best features. The book ends with an aspiration for hope through the transformational power of Christ. If there were one critique about Allen’s book, it would be that some chapters contain word stuffing. If you are new to the genre of self-help books, it would not be an issue. However, veterans might find it a tad bit boring. 
  • Author: Jennie, Allen. Allen is an author, podcaster, Bible teacher, and inspirational speaker. She is also the founder of IF: Gathering. It is a platform that aims to help women with leadership qualities and gospel resources. Allen was born on July 1, 1976, and lives with her pastor husband and four children in Austin, Texas. 
  • Pages: 256.
  • Publisher: Water Brook, January 28, 2020.

Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

Taking inspiration from his difficult childhood, Vex King aims to provide answers for those undergoing the same problems. His struggle with violence and racist abuse makes the book very personal. This inspirational book also talks about ways to overcome difficulties and fill your life with positive energy.

Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness is all about overcoming fear and manifesting your dreams. It can also be instrumental in cultivating healthy lifestyles to be ultimately happy. 

  • Review: In his first book, Vex King poses some serious questions about finding happiness and life’s purpose. King also takes a lot of inspiration from his troubled upbringing and how he progressed as he became older. Besides, King offers solutions and excellent advice on various topics, including handling negativity, overcoming troubled childhood, and achieving your dreams. The chapters on his issues with anger are also the ones that resonate with many readers. However, King mostly keeps his vulnerability and his experience to the surface. While this may relate to the younger crowd, the older readers may not find it very engaging. In the sections where he offers solutions, King also assumes a lecturing tone that some readers may find annoying.
  • Author: Vex King. Born on April 13, 1987, in England, King is an entrepreneur with an interest in multiple industries. He is also a philanthropist. He had a rough upbringing but overcame the obstacles to stand on his feet. With a massive following on Instagram, King uses his social media platform for positive influence, especially among the youth. 
  • Pages: 285, Kindle Edition.
  • Publisher: Hay House UK, December 4, 2018.

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth is the third book in the Laws series by Maxwell. This book explores the endless possibilities of lifelong learning. John C. Maxwell has over half a century of experience in personal development. And he provides tried and tested ways to help you reach your maximum potential in his book. 

  • Review: With a gift of communication, Maxwell is a master of simplifying complex ideas. This makes the book very effortless to read. He also touches on developing, reflecting, and developing strategies to maximize your growth and potential. The writer asks questions as he takes you on the journey of personal development. However, the book does not have resources to make the experience complete. Had there has been worksheets, exercises, and other resources, it would have been the perfect self-help book. 
  • Author: John C. Maxwell.Born into a Christian family on February 20, 1947, Maxwell is a development coach, an international speaker, and an author. He is also an ordained minister. Maxwell is the founder of stewardship services INJOY and EQUIP. He lives in with his wife Margaret in South Florida. 
  • Pages: 265, Hardcover. 
  • Publisher:  Center Street (Hardcover), Hachette Audio (Audiobook), January 1, 2012.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

In the literary world, Manson is known for his raw and unabashed way of talking about facts. The subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is one of his two books that became a best-seller.

In this book, Mark Manson takes an unconventional approach to positivity and life in general. He is of the view that positive thinking alone does not guarantee a happy life. Manson primarily advises his readers not to give a f**k about every small thing. His advice is to embrace the fears to live a fulfilling life. 

  • Review: In true Manson’s style, Mark talks about understanding the limitations of life. But the best part of his book and this one, in particular, is that he does not sugarcoat anything. Correspondingly, he is brutally honest about not running from the truths and confronting them.However, Manson is also known for his use of coarse language, which can leave a bad taste for some readers.
  • Author: Mark Manson. Born on March 9, 1984, Manson is a professional blogger and entrepreneur. He is also a former dating coach who has helped thousands of individuals all over the world. Manson is a bestselling author but also continues to inspire readers through his blog, markmason.net. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife.
  • Pages: 224 ebook.
  • Publisher: Harper, September 13, 2016.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This book by Sincero is a refreshing take on creating and living a life that you love. Her self-help book is a perfect balance. It includes funny stories from personal experience, practical tips, and sound advice.

  • Review: In You Are a Badass, Sincero talks about how to identify negative behaviors. Similarly, long-standing beliefs that sabotage your chances of a fulfilling life are also isolated. She includes hilarious instances from her life, which is fun to read. Additionally, the book contains advice and practical exercises, which is the best part. You will find some excellent tips to make changes in your life. She also offers tips to love the things you cannot change. She says making good money is great, but having fun while doing it is even better.Despite the book being a best-seller, Sincero’s take on depression is quite shallow. This does not sit well with readers who struggle with it. 
  • Author: Jen Sincero.Sincero was born on August 7, 1965. She is a motivational speaker and also a bestselling author and lives in New Mexico.
  • Pages: 244 pages, Paperback Edition.
  • Publisher: Running Press, Adult, April 23, 2013.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog is a metaphor used by Tracy to finish the worst job you are required to do. It holds an iconic place in the realm of self-help books. Brian Tracy offers several tried and tested methods for making the most of your time. He says this is crucial to free yourself from procrastination. 

  • Review: The reason why Eat That Frog has achieved legendary status is not that Tracy offers new methods. However, his advice and recommendations for organization, prioritization, and accomplishing tasks with efficiency are relatable and doable.The author honestly explores the primary ingredients of productivity. It makes the book very interesting and easy to read. In the second and revised edition, Tracy also includes practical ways to prevent technology from taking over your life and time. 
  • Author: Brian Tracy.Born on January 5, 1944, Tracy is a renowned author and a motivational speaker. He also has a successful career in psychology with a short stint in politics. He is also the CEO of Brian Tracy International. The company trains and develops organizations and individuals. Brian Tracy lives in San Diego, California, with his wife and four children. 
  • Pages: 128, Paperback – Second Edition. 
  • Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. January 1, 2007 (Second Edition)

Fearless Social Confidence by Patrick King

In this book about overcoming social anxiety, Patrick takes his readers to examine the root of this fear. To prove his point, he draws from his expertise as a Social Interaction Specialist. In short, this book will help you will build confidence and replace social anxiety with absolute certainty. 

In addition to identifying the fear source, King includes illustrations and practical steps to make a connection with the readers. 

  • Review: Fearless Social Confidence is not one of those self-help books that narrate a story and leave it. Instead, it is a book that provides real and tangible solutions, which makes it a best-seller. The tools and resources he has included in the book also make it very practical. It is a must-read for anyone who has an issue with social anxiety. 
  • Author: Patrick King. King is a specialist in social interaction, as well as a conversation coach. He coaches individuals to deal with social anxiety and personal development through Patrick Consulting
  • Pages: 148, Kindle Edition. 
  • Publisher: Plain Key Media. August 22, 2016.


As intelligent beings, there is no end to learning and self-development for humans. In other words, self-help books are not exclusive to those seeking meaning in their life. They can be an excellent source of inspiration in our continuous pursuit of excellence to enjoy a fulfilling life. 

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