How Does Audible Work?

Last Updated on November 16, 2020

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Audible is an audiobook platform owned and handled by Amazon. It not only contains one of the biggest audiobook libraries, with more than 200,000 audiobooks available, but they’ve also produced Audible originals.

The platform also offers different types of subscriptions that allows its users to pick a number of audiobooks per month. And with the subscription there are Daily Deals available that saves its users money. However before diving in to Audible what are audiobooks and why should book lovers give them a try?


What are audiobooks and why should I use them?

Audiobooks is basically as it sounds, books that are delivered in audio format. Sometimes, the authors read it and sometimes, they get well-known celebrities to narrate it. But what is it about audiobooks that can make it attractive to book readers, especially those who prefer holding physical books?

One of the good things about the audiobook format is that you can listen to it on your own time. Whether you listen to it in traffic or working out, listening to an audiobook allows you to consume books without having to sit down and open a book.

Another reason is that hearing someone read the book, and add some emotional tone to it when reading allows you to appreciate a book on another level. I read George Orwell’s “1984” back in college, but after recently listening to its audiobook version, I was able to appreciate a lot of details I had missed out in my first reading.

Another example is when I listened to a biography that was narrated by the author. This person narrated a story about her personal life growing up and it made me feel more immersed compared to just reading about it.

Why pick Audible?

While one of the best things about Audible is that it has an enormous library of audiobooks, its subscription service is one of the best reasons to use Audible. Not only can you get 1 to 2 audiobooks per month, but you can return or exchange those if you don’t like the products. Add to the fact that you get a 30% discount to any additional books purchased as well as have exclusive access to discounted audiobooks make it a very worthwhile service to pay for.

How does Audible work?

Audible by itself is simply a platform. You can download the app through iOS, Android, and Windows app stores. One you register, you get access to the audiobook market. However, the best option to get is to avail of their subscription service. The following are the membership options that are available:

Monthly plans

  • Gold Monthly: $14.95/month, 1 credit per month
  • Platinum Monthly: $22.95/month, 2 credits per month

Annual plans

  • Gold Annual: $149.50/year, 12 credits a year
  • Platinum Annual: $229.50/ year, 24 credits a year

For every credit that you get, you can get one audiobook of your choice. As mentioned earlier, Audible offers an exchange service. If you are unhappy with your choice, you can simply return the audiobook and get another one without getting charged. Audible does reserve the right to limit this service if abused. Also, any unused credits are carried over to the next month.

Audible also offers a unique service called Audible Escape. By itself, it costs $12.95 per month while Audible members can get it for $6.96 per month. Those that avail of this service can borrow up to 10 romance audiobooks at a time. Once done you can then return them and pick others to listen to!

There’s also a student membership option that will allow you to spend $9.95 per month instead for one credit.

But wait… there’s more! If you are still on the fence on whether Audible is for you or not the first time you try out Audible you will have the first 30 days free! You get one credit to exchange with this option.

Are credits all that I get from being a member?

The amazing thing with being an Audible member is that not only do you get a credit or two every month, you also gain access to the following

  • Two free Audible originals every month, which are dramatizations of audiobooks that are
    exclusive to this platform
  • 30% discount on purchases
  • Daily deals, some of which include 2 audiobooks for 1 credit sales and heavily discounted titles
  • Complimentary newspaper subscription
  • Access to original podcasts ranging from serialized dramas to documentaries

How to start using Audible?

It’s really easy to start using Audible

  1. Download the app
  2. Either register a new account or use your existing Amazon user name and password to enter
  3. At the very first page you’ll be faced with an offer to try out Audible for 30 days. Click “Continue”.
  4. Enter a payment method or double check your payment method details.
  5. Click “Start Free Trial”
  6. After that use your free credit to pick an audiobook. The best part about Audible is that when you pick an audio book there is an option to hear a short clip of the audiobook so you can check out if you will enjoy it or not. Once you have picked an audiobook simply click “Buy Now with 1 Credit” and it will be placed in your library.
    1. You can also add it to you wish list by clicking the “Add to Wish List” button if you are interested in not purchasing it for now but want to get it in the future. To see your wish list click the menu button, click “Store”, and click “Wish List”.
    2. You also have an option to purchase it using your credit card.
  7. To go to your library, click on the menu button at the upper left and click “Library”. Here, click the audiobook that you want to listen to and after a prompt it will be downloaded for offline use.

And that is it. You have taken your first step into the world of audiobooks.

What else do I have to know?

And since we care about you, having led you down this rabbit hole, we will leave you with some answers to questions you may have thought of or you might eventually ask down the line.

Question Answer
Do my credits expire?Yes. 12 months from the issue date. Pro-tip: some people tend to keep the credits in order to spend them on sales where you can get two audiobooks with one credit. Unfortunately there is no fixed date for these type of sales.
If I end my membership do I retain my credits?No, so it is best use them up if you do think of cancelling your membership.
Do all audiobooks cost one credit?No. Some audiobooks can cost more. For example, the ESL Spanish Phase 2 (Units 1-30) by Pimsleur cost 5 credits.
How do I check when my credits will expire?Click on the menu button. Click “Store”. Click “My Account”. Click “Credit summary”. There you will see your active credits, including when it was issued and when it will expire.
Will my audiobooks disappear if I end my membership?No. The audiobooks that you have will always be in your account.
How many devices can I use with one account?There is no limit on the number of devices that you can use your account in.
How do I get my free Audible original? Will it cost me one credit?Click the menu button. Click “Originals”. You will then be brought to a page where a number of audiobooks will be available for you to choose from. These are the monthly selections and you can download them all for free, without having to use any credit. Every first Friday of the month this selection refreshes. For the other Audible originals that are not in that selection you will either have to use your credit or use your money to purchase them.
Can I only buy audiobooks through the Audible app? No. You can also buy through the Amazon website or app. Just select the audiobook format for the book and it will give you an option to buy the book or use a credit for it.
I have an Amazon Prime account. What Audible benefit can I get? While you do not get an Audible membership by being an Amazon Prime member, you do get access to a number of free podcasts as well as a limited number of Audible books. Sometimes there are promotional discounts as well offered to Amazon Prime members for Audible membership such as $20 off from your first annual subscription fee.
How do I cancel my Audible subscription? For this you will have to go to the Audible desktop website. Go to the Account Details page and click “Cancel membership” at the post of the page. Follow the on-screen instructions and steps.

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