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The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy Book Summary, Notes, and PDF

Last Updated on November 16, 2020

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Power of Subconscious Mind answers many questions such as:

  1. Why are some people wealthy, and others that cannot support themselves?
  2. Why are some people so happy and others filled with sorrow all the time?
  3. Why does God answer some people’s prayers while others’ are ignored?

We regularly ask ourselves similar questions in our life. It is up to us how we handle them.  

This book is a manual on comprehending our own behavior and acting in a manner that allows us to reach our objectives. It sold over a million copies and has become an incredibly popular book. Three practices let you tap into the unconscious realm of your mind.

  • Visualize what you want to see, and this will act as a placebo effect.
  • If you have multiple choices that you cant choose between, sleep on it, and make the decision the next morning.
  • Make a first attempt to wish others good luck because getting envious.

Would you like to improve your behavior without needing to constantly think about your actions or even be aware of this effort? Who wouldn’t?

With these lessons, you can train yourself to do this unconsciously in time!


Brilliant Plan #1: How The Unconscious Mind Thinks?

Before we start, you must comprehend the unconscious mind is not rational all the time. 

It has both an illogical part and a logical part. The latter is the rational and conscious part of your brain, while the former is the subconsciousness.

But the author’s central selling point is that if we do not understand the unsound mind, our rational objectives will be destroyed. 

This book explores how people can use their wildest dreams to grow new ideas for their unconscious mind to obtain what they want. 

If people keep repeating the same thing over and over, their brain will steer their behavior to turn these thoughts into a reality. Something that they aren’t even aware of in the long run.

There are different ways in which you can reach this state. Still, these theories can be summarized by visualizing correctly so you can obtain the proper outcome. If you picture yourself as a dancer, you will become one! Visualizing is so important.

We could describe it as a placebo effect. 

If you don’t know what a placebo is, we’ll explain this concept to you. Sometimes, instead of prescribing medication, fake medicine is offered to a patient. This often happens during studies, but there are other situations in which this can be beneficial. For instance, there are cases in which they’ve given sugar pills instead of medications to their patients to allow them to lose weight. Since the patients thought that it was the actual medication, their mind believes that it’s having an effect on their bodies.

While this effect has been researched in many cases, how well the placebo effect method works depends on the individual itself.

In the book, we can find many different examples of the placebo effect working effectively. There’s a stage dancer that took these pills to lessen her stage fright. Another different case was a surgeon that told his patients that they would not get infections due to the pills, and his patients’ mortality rate was significantly reduced. There are other present-day examples like actors that used visualization to achieve their dreams of becoming an entertainer. 

The Differences Between Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind

You need to understand that your conscious and unconscious mind are not two separate entities. They are just like two different activities in a single account. Your conscious mind makes choices and reasons. Eg. Thoughts, theories, plans. When you believe something based on your conscious mind, you will then imprint that thing on your unconscious mind. Then it takes what has printed and it and carries out that activity. It is an essential objective of the conscious mind to manage and watch what the unconscious mind wants. The primary goal of the unconscious is to create what you desire.

It Starts With A Picture of Visualisation in The Unconscious Mind

Start thinking of something in your unconscious mind. It’s vital to visualize something first before it occurs in real life. This is where you can start letting your imagination run wild. By making your imagination enter that space in your unconscious mind, you can prompt it to happen in real life. 

This sounds far-off, but everyone has this happen all the time. When you are playing tennis, you visualize a strategy in your brain and then carry it out. If you are creating a new piece of music, you imagine the music how it sounds at the back of the mind, later you play the notes, and lastly, you write it down on paper. If you are doing a painting, you imagine how it looks and then draws it on a piece of paper.

Take the same principle and apply it to your wildest dreams. For instance, airplanes were just part of the imagination in the Wright brothers’ brains before they turned the idea into a reality. With similar logic, you will be able to visualize yourself being happy and prosperous. It then can become a reality in your life. 

That being said, thoughts alone will not do the trick. What makes thought and a belief different from one another is a feeling. An idea is something that you visualize in your mind, but a view is something that you think has an emotion attached to it. That means things that you believe are repeated over and over. In the end, the thought turns into a belief because of the feeling that’s attached to it grows. 

For example, someone could tell you that you are smart. The idea that you are smart goes through the mind. However, if you have no emotional connection to this belief, it will not grow into a reality. 

The second you feel and think that something is real, you start believing that it can become a reality. The critical part is the feeling of it being true. The unconscious mind will work for you the fastest when you attach emotions and warmth to your thoughts.

Your Unconscious Mind Will Keep Producing Thoughts According To Your Mental Picture

You must keep visualizing your unconscious mind as a patch of fertile soil. The things that you think are the seeds that are planted on the ground. The more you repeat the ideas, the more you water and enable the seeds to grow so that all the seeds will grow and become trees. Results are seen in your human body and the surroundings. Here is the catch, the seeds planted in the soil don’t differentiate from the type of seeds that you put onto the ground. That is why we say that our unconscious mind is neutral. It doesn’t filter excellent or wrong beliefs because it doesn’t pick which tree it will grow into. Once your unconscious mind is given an idea, it becomes that idea into a tree, regardless if it is a wrong tree or a good tree. It just carries out the plan accordingly.

There is an example of it. If you keep saying to yourself that you can’t afford to buy a car, the unconscious realm of your mind will continue taking in the thought and turn it into a reality. Forever, you will be unable to afford a car. You go through life, thinking that it is a reality that never can change. Therefore, it never occurs to you that it is your negative thoughts that are holding you back from the good things in life.

Therefore, your unconscious mind will reproduce thoughts that are in your state of mind. If your conscious realm of mind passes down wrong information to your unconscious mind, the things that you repeat habitually will become true. Then it will keep processing the data until it becomes real. Then, all these suggestions state that all this information is practical, like life conditions or experiences. Events that trigger another adverse event are also factors of negative thinking. 

Everything that occurred to you happened because these thoughts have imprinted on your unconscious mind through strong beliefs.

Gather The Power of The Subconscious Mind To Produce Best Results

The unconscious mind produces whatever beliefs our conscious mind impresses on it, and it follows the plan it set up. Everything that we possess in our real life, from our human character, our friends or family, monetary status, social relationships are all the reflection of the work of the unconscious mind. 

This means that our unconscious mind can reflect on what we believe about ourselves, and it is all in our unconscious mind. Once you can comprehend all these, and think that it will happen, you can start to obtain the results and powers of the unconscious mind.

Soon we can imprint a beautiful life with an impressive career, or any other thing that is positive in our lives on the unconscious mind. We should not allow different thoughts and patterns to overrun us. This is where we need to keep reaffirming ourselves.

Autosuggestion is telling yourself something specific so that you will know what to do. Once you keep suggesting it to yourself over and over, you will begin to believe that it is a fact. (Even if you didn’t think it from the start) This will then be impressed by your subconscious realm. 

Brilliant Plan #2: Your Natural Ability In Self-Healing

Another method in activating your subconscious mind is to sleep over things when you cannot decide which choice you should pick.

The author’s example is a woman who was given a job opportunity on the other side of the country. The salary was double her current salary, but she didn’t know if it was worth the money. Therefore, she decided to meditate before sleep and went to bed early. In the morning, her sixth sense told her not to take the offer, so she said her employer no. Three months later, she realized that she had made the right decision – the company was now insolvent.

It seems impossible to know how things would have turned out if she had accepted the job, but the basic principle stays. The subconscious mind processes data faster and in different methods compared to the conscious self. Therefore, let your gut do its thing when you sleep at night, and you will be able to think clearly with more confidence the following day. 

We need to know our unconscious realm relies on belief. The author takes this theory to another level. He states that this belief in good health will activate the ability of the unconscious field to allow you to self-heal. That means, the unconscious mind can heal yourself naturally if we genuinely believe so. There is a universal process of a self-healing technique that is called faith. This means that all sickness, ailments, and bad traumatic pasts can be healed by putting in thoughts of healing into our unconscious realm. However, I didn’t say the author decided to disregard the importance of science- medicine. His point was clear- we need to believe that our unconscious mind has natural healing tactics.

In the past, healers stated that they could cure diseases by touching the patients. Some even stroked them with magnets!. However, the strange thing is that a lot of patients were actually healed. It’s not the healer that did the right. This method allows the patient to dispel fear and concern if they genuinely believe in it. Soon they are filled with faith and end up healing themselves. 

Anyone that states that they can treat other people is not being truthful. What they can do is to get the other person to believe that they will be healed and they will cure their own selves unconsciously.

However, the author also stated that even if we know it is not real, we can still receive healing. That is if the patients in the case above that if the healer’s method is not practical, they can still get better. Why does this occur? It is because we put active opposition to an end in the conscious realm, then the subconscious field will be open to question. This happens when you are in a drowsy state.

This is how praying to God works. We believe that everything will be fine because when you pray, it shuts out your conscious realm and allows the irrational mind to do the work properly. Although I am not a holy person, I won’t deny how powerful our mind is in faith and belief. 

That’s how the theory of placebo effect works. The whole result is a phenomenon where people get better or feel better after given a substance that is not real or a complete sham. Researchers carry out studies on a group of people that are given placebo drugs. They will compare the results of the people taking the real new medicine and the other group that has taken the placebo drug.

Even though taking placebos is not a real treatment, doctors have found that this effect has a variety of different physical and psychological benefits. Various participants in placebo experiments have produced better results in heart rate, blood pressure, and other aspects of health. The main thing is that our mind in health and well-being is stable.

Brilliant Plan #3: Why You Are Unable To Use Your Subconscious Mind

Not everyone gets an answer to their prayers. Wishing their unconscious realm to work doesn’t make it work magically. Critics use this as evidence that this method doesn’t work.

However, we have to know why this occurs. The author states that there are two ways we can make our unconscious realm fail. The first way is no confidence, and the second is putting in too much effort in making it work.

We need to bear in mind that when our unconscious mind accepts an idea, it will carry it out immediately. 

It will carry out anything planted in it, whether it is good or bad. Sometimes we think wrong about something, and even though we don’t want it to happen, the minute we believe that it happens, it happens! 

Having doubts about something will make these hesitations become rooted in the unconscious realm. Even if we try and imagine how we’ll be rich one day, we still don’t believe that one day we will make money. We might also not find in our ability to manifest power in our subconscious mind. 

The unconscious realm creates a reality in you that you have no money, and the unconscious mind doesn’t work in your benefit. This is simply a lack of self-confidence.

Besides, if you try to force your unconscious realm to do something in your favor, you will fail as well. You cannot force your unconscious mind to do something for you. It is better if there is a real belief. It will then transform into reality by itself. If you want to force your brain to do something that works, it only operates in your conscious realm, not your unconscious realm. 

Therefore, you need to know how to relax and put faith that it works for you, even if you don’t see instant results.

The bottom line is that you must know what you want. You must be able to visualize what you want. 

Don’t wish for something and tell your mind you don’t believe it will come true. For example, you want to meet the perfect guy or girl, but you think that all of them are already taken. If they are single, something must be wrong with them. If you have thoughts like that, you will keep having weird dates as you give your subconscious mind mixed signals.

Instead, you need to be ascertained in what you want. You need to believe in it completely. 

It is a reality now, and your unconscious realm will do the rest for you. Give the request with faith to the unconscious mind and let it answer you. 

This is why critics state that people that are skeptical about this theory will keep failing in using the unconscious realm’s power. They even have evidence indicating that it doesn’t work. Believe in it and have faith because the minute you believe in it, you will see results. It’s all about finding first and receiving later.

Brilliant Plan #4: Your Inner Power Produces Wealth

While the unconscious realm is rather useful if you use it the right way, it can also create blockages in your way.

The author shares a story of a salesperson, that never got any recognition at the workplace. Although his work performance was better than all his colleagues, he never got a promotion. After a while, he began to suspect that his boss didn’t like him. Therefore, he unknowingly began to act in a hostile manner towards himself. 

When he finally changed his attitude and wished his boss success, he got promoted.

If you despise other people that have something you don’t, you will make it less possible for yourself to achieve your objective. 

For example, wealth. If you think that money is evil and all rich people are wrong, then you will never be wealthy.

If you are having financial problems, like trying to pay off your debts, it means you have not convinced the unconscious mind that you will have a lot of money and then some to spare. 

Reality is a reflection of what we think about ourselves. What we believe about ourselves, our unconscious mind turns it into a reality. 

This means that if someone poor keeps thinking that he is weak, he will be forever stuck in poverty. On the other hand, people that always think about money will attain more financial gains.

Be careful of what you give your unconscious realm. If believing that you are rich doesn’t work for you, you might be facing thoughts of self-doubt and fear after having a positive mindset. This will just get rid of all the good things that you impress on your unconscious realm.

The Best Condition Is That Your Conscious Realm Accepts Reality 

Here is a fact. You will not become a millionaire if you keep telling yourself that you are a millionaire a million times. The statement might not seem logical, and your conscious and unconscious realm will start fighting with each other. 

Instead, the author suggests that you should psych yourself on something that both your conscious and subconscious mind agree on. 

Something like “I will get richer day by day” will be good enough. That way, the conscious realm will not end up in the fight with the unconscious field. This is because you have not become a millionaire yet. However, there is a possibility that you are nearer to your goals day by day. Or, if you have better target sales, you can tell yourself that your purchases are getting better each day. “My target sales are higher day by day.” 

The Feeling Of Earning More Money Allows You To Earn More Money Like Compounding Interest

The thing is if you have a wealth of feeling, you will start to earn wealth. Whatever you say to yourself, doesn’t give you the sense of abundance, and it doesn’t work that way. Remember, a belief is an idea with an emotion attached to it. If you don’t feel it, there is a possibility you don’t believe in it. Your subconscious reacts to strong feelings and emotions. It works like compound interest. The more wealth you feel, the more financial gain you obtain. The more money that you get, the more you think pay, and it just keeps rolling on and on. Your unconscious realm will keep multiplying whatever you plant on it, whether it is a lot of abundances or lack of wealth.

Road Blocks To Wealth

The envious feeling is one of the roadblocks to wealth. Jealousy makes us criticize those people that are richer than us. How do you expect to become wealthy if you do not like rich people? This is another example of giving the unconscious realm mixed signals. Hence our subconscious mind does not let us become rich because it cannot make us something that we hate. Being jealous of rich people also means that we don’t believe in abundance and that there is a lot of goodness for everyone. Instead of being jealous, the author thinks that we think to ourselves like “It is a great thing that person has prospered. I hope that they will become better and better in wealth.” This will bar off negative thoughts, and there will be even more wealth flowing to you in your unconscious realm.

Go To Bed and Sleep It Over And Become Rich

Another thing that relates to the unconscious realm is that unlike the conscious mind, it doesn’t rest. When you are resting, it is still resting. That is the reason it is essential to use your sleep correctly to allow your unconscious realm to work on things that you want to improve and progress on. For example, if you sleep thinking on your bad day or you resent working up the next day, that is precisely what you feel when you wake up the following day. The author suggests us to repeat the word ‘wealth’ quietly with feeling. Like a song. That way, the abundance of financial men will flow to you more and more. The most crucial part is that you must feel rich. Imagine what you think if one day you attain a lot of financial gains. 

You Deserve To Be Rich

You can indeed attain anything that you plant into your unconscious realm. There is more than enough for every single one of you – life is fulfilling and filled with abundance. The question then is,” Why should we be satisfied with everything to go about when you can enjoy the fruits of gains of the unconscious realm?” The author states that we are here to progress and move spiritually in material health. We have the right to develop and achieve all our potential objectives. It is essential to know that this is an ability, and we have to surround ourselves with good and positive things.

The author tells us to make friends with wealth so that we attract it more easily. Wealth is neither good nor bad, but if you believe it, it becomes so. Some people say that they deserve more salaries in their jobs, but at the same time, they start to condemn money itself. They believe that money is the root of all evil and say to themselves, “I am broke. It is alright, and I didn’t like wealth that much anyway.” It is perfectly fine to wish for more wealth. It is your right.

Brilliant Plan #5: Your Unconscious Realm Is Your Successful Partner In No Matter What You Do

Three Steps To Achieve Abundance and Success

The author states that there are three parts of becoming successful. First, we must know what we love, then do it. We can’t possibly think that we are thriving if we do not love our jobs, because success is deeply related to our level of joy at the end of the day. 

The second part of success is that we need to find a specialized field of work and then excel at it. The third step, the final and most crucial part of it, is to make sure what we desire benefits everyone and not just ourselves. Our wishes should not be selfish. The author gives a story of a man that became very rich because he did something illegally. After getting the money, he could not have peace of mind. He kept feeling that one day he would be caught, and in the end, he turned himself in.

The Potential Of The Mind’s Imagination

Once upon a time, there was an actor. Before becoming famous, he visualized his name on big letters on the board of the theatre. He envisioned the details, the fans cheering, and the paparazzi taking photos of him. He kept imagining it for years. Many years later, he got his first acting role. On the night before the show, he nearly fainted when he saw his name on the board, and there were so many reporters swarming around him just like his childhood fantasy. By sustaining our imagination, our unconscious mind will know what you want and carry out the task of making it right for you. Our unconscious realm will visualize what we wish to best with strong emotions. Hence, visualizing your success in detail works best.

You Have All The Solutions Inside You

According to biographies of a poet born in Germany, he kept having conversations with a friend sitting next to him that gave him proper answers whenever he had a problem. After that, another guy, a stockbroker, imagined his idols agreeing on his stock decisions whenever he invested.

Your Unconscious Realm Action Plan

Convince yourself that the unconscious realm takes over your life

This is the first step because if you cannot do this, the rest doesn’t work for you at all. Therefore, the only way is to convince yourself that your thoughts will result in your actions and life results. Try to list down everything that you think about yourself and cross-check it to what you have.

Write down what your ideal life is like

Include what kind of person you are, your health and wealth level, and your closest relationships. Make sure that you are clear on what you want and write it down with lots of details. The more specific it is, the more your imagination will imprint on the unconscious realm. Make sure to write it in the present tense.

Visualize the thing you write in step 2 at least two times a day

Before you go to sleep, you visualize it one time and the second time when you wake up. Make sure to imagine it and believe it.

Keep repeating these steps day after day. Make sure to repeat them day after day so that your conscious and unconscious realm will know what you want in life.

Author Biography

Dr. Murphy has taught thousands of people across the globe and gives sermons to his many followers every Sunday. Millions of people have read his bibliography of over 30 books, and he’s been a bestselling author for decades.

Dr. Murphy also became a significant figure in the human potential movement and inspired many others to follow his steps.

If you want to read about human development, make sure to buy his books to read on the subject.

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