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If you’re here, you’re probably hungry for success, learning, and more. Our mission from the start has been to arm you with the tools, knowledge, and more to lead you to that success.

Here at Wired For Youth, we’re the same. We always love learning. We’re always hungry for more and we work hard to make things happen.

We wanted to share with you some tools and resources that we use personally to build our brains, save money, build wealth, and more.

All of these are battle-tested and used by us personally!

Save Automatically And Build Your Wealth

Note: We are not financial advisors. This is just what we use and do and are describing what has worked for us.

  • Wealthfront: Automate your investing and wealth creation. Wealthfront is awesome for 2 things. There is a high interest “Cash” account with no minimum and has one of the highest interest rates (if not the highest) around. They have been as high as 2%, meaning you can get as much as 2% growth of your money per year just by leaving your money in your cash account. Have $1k? That’s $20 for free every year. No fees, ever!

    Wealthfront is also great for its automated investing. They have a robot that factors in your risk tolerance (and if you’re a long term investor, that tolerance is typically pretty high) and invests for you. Using our link, you’ll get a free $5k managed and even when you do have to pay fees it’s lower than many other solutions and is worth the time saved in our opinion. You can even use it to manage your Roth IRA.

    Our favorite feature of Wealthfront is the ability to automate your savings and investing. Have Wealthfront automatically pull from any income/paycheck you get and automatically put it into your “Cash” account and investment accounts so you don’t spend it! Don’t even need to think about it, just watch your money rise of time!
  • Robinhood / Webull: Most of you probably already know about these. If you have particular opinions about the world or companies, this is where you’d go to invest. No fees AND they both give you free stocks for joining using our links (in some cases depending on the promotion they’re running, up to $1k in stocks).

    No reason not to get both just to get the free money, to be honest.

    Personally I prefer Robinhood’s user interface, but Webull does give out more free stuff. These are great for personal predictions. For example, you may think Elon Musk is a genius and think Tesla will take off. This is a way for you to invest in Tesla in a way you can’t invest in on Wealthfront (since it’s automated).
  • Dosh / Rakuten: These are great ways to save money on things you’re already going to buy. The more money you save, the more you can invest in your next project or in the market. Pei and Dosh are completely automatic. Just link your accounts and get cashback on autopilot. Rakuten is great for general purchases you make and Dosh if you’re trying to find a specific restaurant or book a place to stay. The discounts and cashback on these are insane.
  • Raise: Another killer way to save money. Buy discounted gift cards (often 10+% off). The gift cards are delivered very quickly and there are often bonus deals for an extra % for even bigger deals. It’s often easy to buy the gift card while you’re in the store for quick and easy savings. If you’re already going to pay anyway, might as well save that money! Signing up from our link will get you a free $5 to snag a gift card!

Learning Tools

These are great tools to help you increase your rate of learning.

  • Audible: Listen to books in all situations (while walking, doing chores, cleaning, etc.). Get a free book using this link!
  • Blinkist: The largest library of book summaries for your learning


It’s hard to recommend books that will be applicable to everybody given the wide variety of interests of people who read this blog, but we will try to give some good general learning books along with some more specialized ones for some of our more popular topics.

General Books

Books that are generally good reads and will make you smarter, more curious, and more creative:

Business Books

This is your virtual MBA (for like 0.1% the price). Here are books you can read to learn everything you need to know about business.

You can also look at the bestseller lists for business books for a good up-to-date look at book recommendations in the business category.

Book summaries, notes, interviews, and more!

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