Write For Us - Guest Posting

We do accept guest contributors from time to time. We are extremely selective about the contributions we take and hold them to a high standard.

If you want to contribute, you should first know our requirements:

  • Minimum 1000 words
  • There needs to be actionable insights, not veiled self-promotion.
  • The content quality is held to a high bar. If the content sent in doesn’t meet that bar, we will reject it.
  • We do not pay or charge for guest posts, however we do, from time-to-time allow for sponsored posts. If that is your intention, please inquire about sponsored posts. We also have a high bar for those.
  • No linking to essay services, gambling sites, adult sites, or anything that is not natural, complimentary, or essential to the article. Links that do not meet our quality standards will be removed before posting.
  • Send us an email with the subject: “I Write Epic Guestposts!” and include 1-5 pitch ideas. If we ask you to write it, you can go ahead and write it, but do keep in mind, that this does not mean we will publish it if it doesn’t meet our standards.